traveling gluten-free… strategize

Food… Fun…
Traveling gfree (gluten-free) is simpler when you’re prepared.
I love traveling, photography, and a happy stomach ;o).


Each time I travel, I end up spending a week or so researching the cities’ beautiful scenery, trendy hot spots, hole-in-the-wall local favorites, and the nearest grocery store selling friendly, gfree options. My website shows you it’s simpler to travel gfree with knowledge, it’s easier than you might think, and FUN! I love sharing my photo stories, too, and hope you’re inspired to pack up your bags… get out there and plan your next travels !!!

Staycations & ‘New Recipe Sundays

I also love the challenge of revising my favorite recipes to a healthier, gluten-free version… anything I used to crave is now my challenge to make gfree. This rolled into “New Recipe Sunday”… so if you choose a ‘staycation’ instead, I’m sharing some pretty great recipes to try yourself at home. My tasting experts (ok, my friends and family who are great at taste-testing and REALLY honest) gave these recipes two thumbs up!

My Fav’s

New to gfree and don’t know where to start? Or gfree and fed up with buying non-tasty items at the grocery store? Check out ‘my favs’ and see the items I keep on hand at all times, my go-to mixes, and supplies even non-gfree people would never know the difference in taste.

In a rush and need some handy on-the-go snacks? Through trial and error I now have a good stock of tasty, healthy snacks to keep in the car, in my carry-on, or in my purse or pockets to tie me over til the next meal.

Please personally double check the ingredients you use and indulge in. This site contains my experiences and findings – things change periodically and as you know, better safe than sorry. Especially if you are truly celiac.

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